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  • Utility Schemes and Compensation- Know Your Rights

  • We have a number of farmers and landowners who are being approached by firms within the utility sector seeking consent for access onto their property, either for the installation of new apparatus or in order to carry out works to existing apparatus.

    The majority of utility operations undertaken on private land require the payment of compensation, which must include professional fees at no detriment to the affected party or parties.

    Unfortunately we are seeing a lot of sharp practice, where utility companies are not always being entirely clear to the rights of land owners and tenants. Companies will often ‘dangle the carrot’ by offering a sum for compensation before the impacted party has instructed a professional, however be aware a greater sum of compensation can frequently be obtained.

    We would urge all landowners and tenants affected by any utility operation or scheme to seek professional representation in order to ensure that your interests are looked after.

    Bateman Hosegood in the last twelve months, has negotiated easements and or wayleaves in respect of gas, water, electricity and telecoms.

    If you would like to discuss any of the above or have any professional queries of any kind then please do not hesitate to contact Bateman Hosegood, 01884 839980.

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