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  • BPS Payment Awards 2015


    The opening of the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) 2015 payment window on 1 December 2015 is fast approaching. England received just over 88,000 applications and the process has not been helped by the change to paper forms and the subsequent manual inputting of data from the BP5 forms.

    The RPA issued a news release on 10 November stating that “the RPA remains on track to make full payments as early as possible in the payment window with the majority before the end of December and the vast majority by the end of January 2016”. It is known that 10% of applicants will not be receiving their payments before January 2016. These are applications that include the following cases:

    • Common Land
    • Probate
    • Cross Border
    • Inspections
    • Very Large / Complex


    The RPA is intending to write to anyone that will be affected due to the cases mentioned above before the payment window opens on 1 December.

    BPS 2015 entitlements values and greening payment rates have been published by the RPA and are as follows:

    Payment Region BPS Entitlement Value Greening Payment
    Lowland €171.83 €76.19
    SDA Non-Moorland €170.60 €75.64
    SDA Moorland €45.07 €19.99

    The BPS 2015 exchange rate is €1 = 0.73129